Vintage Karabagh Carpet - signed and dated by the weaver 1908'


No 2 Vintage Karabagh Medallion Carpet / Caucasian (6 photos )

100% pure wool

Age :90 + yrs  /Unique Dowry Carpet - stunning navy ground colour 

100% handmade

preloved and resized



             The  mountainous areas of Karabagh  in Central  Transcaucasia is home to Azeri,. Armenians and Kurds .Originally ,more than half these people were nomads, but by the late 19th and early 20th centuries many of these groups became settled and the smaller cities of this region became famous for their rug weaving. The Armenians and Azeris were the ' leaders ' in developing artistic tastes in buyers and merchants and setting styles for the entire rug production for all Transcaucasia..

 The standard Karabagh carpet is constructed of rather coarse yarns and a pile of medium height. Noticeable differences in the size of motifs are characteristic of the design and there are at least 33 major design groups,with often a design similarity with Persian carpets.Floral and spandral motifs can be seen as well as large almost European style 'roses'.Karabagh use a complex colour palette of highly saturated predominately natural dyes and the carpets are on average larger than other Caucasian weavings, and tend to be longish and rectangular in size. High quality Karabagh carpets are amongst the most valuable and expensive Caucasian carpets sold on todays markets and represent a high level of skill with both pure saturated colours and well drawn designs.

What People Say - 


Fabulous Collection

One of the most fascinating,entertaining and educational carpet experiences I've ever had.Ruth has a fabulous collection of rugs and kilims and it's clear that she loves them all. She knows the story behind each one and enthusiastically shares the background about the weaver and the meaning of the work.

Ruth is very welcoming and there was never any pressure to buy.

I did take home a couple of lovely pieces and I will definitely return.  I highly recommend her shop ! 

- Laura F. Nov 2017.”​


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