Turkmen Bohara Hall Runner

Turkmen Bohara Hall Runner


Tekke Bohara hall Runner - Iran 

Size3.94 x .80cm (+ 4cm of fringes=3.98m in total )

Age 50-60yrs

100%pure wool 

Excellent condition 

These carpets are known for their fine knottingand classic red combination design with a repeat 'Gul ' throughout.

History : The history, genealogy, beliefs and way of life of the Turkoman steppe peoples are all of great importance to their woven art.Turkoman weavings, with their distinctive red-brown palette, repeating rows of geometric 'gul'ornamentation, extremely fine major and minor borders, high knot count and strong glossy wool represent a highly complex and historically continuous culture.The study of Turkoman weavings is extensive and important especially as the various different tribes reside within a large area including Iran Turkmeni,stan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.