Turkish Usak Kilim

Turkish Usak Kilim


Usak Kilim / Turkey 

100% pure wool - All natural Dyes

Size: 1.19 x 79 m (3ft.10in x 2ft .  7 in )


Usak, a historic city in Western Anatolia, is the weaving centre for a group of carpets that were extremely famous as Ottoman palace or court carpets from the 15th - 16th C onwards.This area also has a long history as a weaving centre for fine kilims and is noted for producing some of Anatolia’s largest flatweaves. For some time Usak has concentrated on producing extremely fine, beautifully natural dyed kilims and is now one of the most important centres for the production of new kilims for the domestic and export market. Woven in the homes using tradtional methods, these faltweaves now incorporate designs and motifs derived from important Museum Collections throughout Turkey.