Tribal design Carpet

Tribal design Carpet


Contemporary Rug Collection - Nomad design

Age: New.

Size:  1.23m x .80 m   ( 4ft x 2ft 7 in ) 

Colour:Turqouise Blue Natural dyes

Pure wool with cotton warps

100% handmade in Afghanistan with Turkish design

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This fabulous new collection incorporates the famous Turkish tribal designs with the very best natural dyes to make these rugs some of the more exciting contemporary rugs to appear on the market in recent years. Excellent for both modern and more Classic interiors.These uniquely designed carpets are now being reproduced by various carpet weavers, using strong glossy wools, beautiful quality natural dyes and bold naturalistic patterning that had its basis in Turkish Tribal design.The use of natural dyes gives a verigated color throughout rather than a solid color and creates a more natural look !All carpets have a light and a dark side (almost like the nape) in velvet so colors may vary in photographs depending on the angle of the photo