Rare Vintage Kochan Kurdish Rug - Iran

Rare Vintage Kochan Kurdish Rug - Iran


Vintage Kochan / Khorassan Kurdish Carpet 

Size::2.17 x 1.17m (7.1 ft x 3.9ft ) 

Age 70-80 yrs 

Perfect condition and high pile

Unique male figurines

100%pure wool

100% natural dyes

Khorassan means 'Land of the Rising Sun' This region is rich in crops and pastures and was a meeting point of the Persian and Turkic cultures. Khorassan Kurds today number around fifteen thousand and are derived from two tribal groups: from the Elazıg district of central Anatolia and from Karabakh.


 Weavings by the Kurds of Khorassan/Kochan are greatly varied in design, technique and colour. There are traces in the motifs,of their Caucasian and Anatolian ancestors and as many other tribal groups live in this area including the Afshar, the Turkomen and the Balouch, this leads to a additional  mixing of patterns and motifs. Khorassan carpets use wonderfully coarse shiny handspun wool for knotting, wefts and foundations, though knotting tends to be loosly structured and piles long and dense .Sizes vary and really depend on the wonas individual requirements for her home and dowry but traditionally Khorrassan carpets are more rectagular and longish in shape than the squarer formats of more settled groups . Large carpets are rare from this group, though occassionally the flatwoven kilims and cicims can fall into the 'taban' size category.Natural dyes are predominanely used in Khorassan carpets and while many contain a large variety of hues they often have a tendancy towards red/yellow/ brown / pink  tones