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Modern Pastels - Contemporary Carpet

Modern Pastels - Contemporary Carpet


Sivas Sal Carpet 

Size: 2.89 x 2.10m (9.5ft x6.9ft )

Age .New

100% pure wool 

Natural Dyes

This pastel Sal design is extremely beautiful and rather rare to see. Typically sal carpets are multicoloured and much bolder but this carpet is a study insubtelty.

The central Anatolian region of Sivas, which is mainly agricultural, is inhabitated by Turkish and Kurdish people.They had a famous weaving history which included not only magnificant carpets but kilims and cicms .The word Sal refers to the linear or striped design which was used on both Sivas carpets and on old Ottoman textiles . 

This design has now be resurrecterd and used by many different weaving centres making it enormously popular on Todays' carpet market .

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