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Nomadic Dosemealti Carpet

Nomadic Dosemealti Carpet


Nomadic Dosemealti Carpet / Turkey

Size: 1.24m x 2.17 m ( 4ft 1 in x 7ft 1 in )

Age 50 yrs

100% handspun wool and handmade

Condition :excellent- washed and ready for use

Free International Shipping

Dosemealti is a small Turkish village at the foot of the Taurus Mountains,20km north of Antalya in Southern Anatolia, Dosemealti has become one of the most important Turkish rug weaving centres of the last sixty to seventy years.The carpets woven in this area are characteristically an all wool carpet with a medium to thick knot density, high thick pile, semi nomadic style, and distinguished by a bold simplicity of layout and the elusive significance of the motifs.These include representations of the tree of life, scorpions and camels all which are stronglyrepresenatational of the nomadic lifestyles of the weavers in their symbolism. The 'Baklava' or 'Mohammed's Star' border design is always unmistakableon the outer border of each carpet and a major indicator of carpets from the Dosemealti region. Rich green-blue tones are used as highlighters, while the central colours are deep, with glowing reds and russets.White, (the colour of purity) is also significantly used in these carpets .Size:1.24m x 2.17m  

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