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Nomad Cicim Kilim
  • Nomad Cicim Kilim

    Konya Nomadic Müt Cicim / Turkey

    • Size
    • 100% handwoven
    • Vintage :30 yrs
    • Pure wool
    • Perfect condition
    • Free International Shipping 

    This is a beautiful nomadic vintage textile that can be used as a wall hanging or on a floor.This piece has a beautiful subtelty and with random colour and design changes that are typical of nomadic weavings .Women of the Turkish Taurus yoruks from Müt wove this as part of their marriage dowr. They lead a semi nomadic life, consequently their weavings are strong both in design and substance,and although kilims continue to be woven in this area today they are primarily for use in the weavers homes.The bold serrated diamond shaped medallions found in Mut kilims use contrasting colours such as dark brown, white and red, and a little blue and yellow, are used to full effect, highlighting thie prominent design elements.


    Older kilims generally have a more mellow colour palette of red, pink, brown, blue and yellow.The Yoruks of Mut not only produce kilims, but large numbers of cicims (those with asymetric designs are used as a tent door cover),as well as grainsacks(chuval),cushions (yastiks) and wildly decorated donkey bags


    .Please note :All our store items are handmade.Our vintage pieces are all preloved and due to the age and/or handmade nature of these items, minor signs of patination,fading, wear, or slightly unsymmetrical lines may be present.These are not considered flaws,they are part of their unique nature and why we love using them in our homes as they add both character and charm.