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'Herki' Kurd Vintage Kilim

'Herki' Kurd Vintage Kilim


Vintage Herki Kurd Kilim

  • Size : 69m long x .85m wide   (2.3ft x 2.8ft ) 
  • Age 50 -60 yrs
  • Perfect condition with very fine weave 
  • Pure wool
  • Free International Shipping 

Ethnic Kurdish tribes are scattered throughout Central Anatolia and use to wander freely over the borders between Turkey, Iraq and Iran.Though some nomadic groups still exist, most Kurdish groups are now settled in villages and towns, though there is still considerable travel over the various border areas. Eastern Anatolian and Iraqi Herki Kurd and Kurdish pile weavings are easily recognizable by a long pile, thick knotting, and shiny coarse wools or goat hair .

They are distinguished by bright colours of oranges, greens, yellows, blues and reds. Analine dyes are not unusual, and are used as a highlight to many natural vegetable dye colours. Kurdish carpets,are seldom fine and instead exhibit strong bold designs.These geometric designs contain variations of hexagon, diamond and hooked stepped lozenge or medallions,with random and less defined filler motifs.These designs belong to the ancient traditions of Anatolia and reflect the nomadic lifestlyes in their symbolism.Kurdish carpets were considered the poor relation of ornate Turkish carpets, but their wonderful spontaneity of colour and design,the wildness of each individual weaving, has encouraged new research,and an increase in both demand and prices.

Most Kurdish weavers nowdays work as part of large co-operatives that produce intricate modern flatweaves This unfortunately means that the original Kurdish weavings are almost impossible to find


Our vintage pieces are all preloved and due to the age and/or handmade nature of these items, minor signs of patination,fading, wear, or slightly unsymmetrical lines may be present.These are not considered flaws,they are part of their unique nature and why we love using them in our homes as they add both character and charm.size:.

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