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Fine Senna Rug - Pastel Sky Blue
  • Fine Senna Rug - Pastel Sky Blue

    Fine Senna Rug - Iran  

    Size:1.63 x 1.26( 5.4ft x 4.2ft )

    Age : 20yrs

    Perfect Condition

    Wool and cotton

    Free International Shipping 

    The town of Senna is located in north-east Iran and is the source of some of the best known kurdish carpets and kilims. 

    Commonly there is an endless repeat of floral pattern or 'Botehs ' or beehives, or occasionally there is a single central medallion which is then surrounded by these floral, boteh or beehive motifs. The rugs tend to be small in size and  colours on the whole are  soft blue, reddish pink  and white. Cotton is generaly used for the warps rather than wool and the wefts are often fine wool or occasionally metal or silk. Senna has the reputation for some of the finest rugs and kilims produced in Iran.