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Fethiye Dowry Cicim

Fethiye Dowry Cicim


Vintage Nomadic Fethiye Cicim Kilim

  • Size:1.49 x 1.07m  ( 4ft 8 in x 3ft )
  • Age 40 -50 yrs
  • Excellent condition
  • Pure wool
  • Free International Shipping

The Turkish town of Fethiye is located on the Mediterranean Sea. From Fethiye comes large empty centred kilims, large multi diamond design kilims, as well as small size squarish 'Sofra' - a nomadic woven eating blanket (used as a tablecloth under the central eating tray or 'tepsi'). These sofra were also sometimes used to cover the fresh loaves of bread. The old kilims, are woven in a fabulous red with pink, blue, yellow, brown and a little green and are highly collectable in todays markets.

All our store items are handmade. Our vintage pieces are all preloved and due to the age and/or handmade nature of these items, minor signs of patination, fading, wear, or slightly asymmetrical lines may be present. These are not considered flaws, they are part of their unique nature and why we love using them in our homes as they add both character and charm

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