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Antique Konya Obruk Kilim

Antique Konya Obruk Kilim


Antique Konya Obruk Kilim 

Age 120yrs - perfect condition

Size : 1.87 x 1.35m ( 6.1 ft x 4.4 ft )

This extremely rare  Antique Obruk kilim is in perfect condition and has never been used .It has been kept in a dowry box and have never seen sun therefore preserving the colours and condition as new . It was most likely made for a young womans marriage gift. The fineness of the weve and the excellent colors are testimount to the excellent quality. 

The Turkish village of Obruk, in the vicinity of Konya,is in south eastern Anatolia. Obruk design patterns are very easily recongnized and once seen, are seldom forgotten.They incorporate bold geometric forms,often prayer designs with large uncluttered spaces and include tree of life symbols .Another design format frequently used in Obruk,consists of a squarish medallion with extending arms at the four corners and triangular protrusions filing the empty spaces.

            Old Obruk kilims are woven in dense blocks of rich reds, blues, greens and browns, and while more modern kilims still feature the same traditional compositions, the colours have become strong and dark, with a hıgher colour and design contrast.

            All Obruk kilims are made in medium and medium/ fine slitweave work,as well as in supplementary weft wrapping technique.Antique and semi- antique Obruk kilims are highly regarded in todays collectors markets.    

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