Antique 'Ada' Milas Carpet

Antique 'Ada' Milas Carpet


Antique 'Ada ' Milas Prayer Carpet 

  • Size:1.62m x 1.22m
  • Age :100+ yrs 
  • 100% pur handspun wool 
  • Natural dyes ı
  • Excellent condition . Washed and ready to use in your home

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The precise origin of the western Turkish town of Milas is not recorded however it is thought that the weaving tradition of this region goes back more than 3000-4000 years. This makes it probably the oldest of today's Turkish carpet-producing areas where the existence of textile weaving can be historically proved.In terms of pile carpets, Milas is known principally for single niche prayer carpets though another famous design represents an outstretched animal hide with curving lines around a centre of floral motifs .The bold geometric border and open layout of geometric motifs in the ground field are other distinguishing features.

However the easiest way to recognize the new rug of Milas is by their colouring. No other weaving center produces quite this combination of grey-green, rust, soft yellow and browns. With its more pastel colour palette, Milas carpets can be extremely decorative in almost every home. Like all Turkish village rugs, the Milas carpets have woollen warps and wefts, usually using a fine hand spun wool, with the woollen pile usually clipped fairly fine. The range of sizes woven is extensive and varies from small ''Ceyrek'' size carpets to large ''Taban'' size carpets.