Anatolian Village Rug

Anatolian Village Rug


Kozak / Yuntaği Village Dowry Carpet

  • Age 40 yrs - 50 yrs 
  • Size: 1.24m x.80m ( 4ft 1 in x 2ft 7 in )
  • 100% wool
  • Condition : Excellent - as new . It is washed and ready for use 
  • Free International Shipping

This one of a kind rug would have been woven by a young woman with her female raltives as part of her marriage dowry. She would have spun her own wool and dyed her own dyes and worked without a patern to create this original and very charming rug.  

These are small towns south of Bergama in the west of Turkey produce carpets with small patterns and abundant colours reminiscent of many distinctive Caucasian weavings. Yuntdag, Kozak and Karaman have been included as part of the DOBAG organization whose aim is to reproduce carpets with old, traditional motifs and natural vegetable dyes. First etablished in 1981 by the textile department of the faculty of fine arts at Marmara University, Istanbul, and Dr and Mrs Bohmer, the DOBAG project encourages the weavers of many small villages to return to the old methods of spinning, dyeing and weaving.  Besides is wonderful wool quality, and medium density knotting, Yuntdag, Kozak carpet have a soft palette of colours and more geometrical designs of Caucasian / Turkoman descent. The significance of the motifs originates in the nomadic lifestyle of these early tribal weaving groups.Antique carpets originally from these groups are rarely found on todays markets and are highly collectable