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Afsar Rah Rah Sumak

Afsar Rah Rah Sumak

  • Afsar Rah Rah Soumak Kilim / Iran
  • 100% pure wool
  • Natural dyes and tribal designs
  • Each rug is unique
  • 100% handwoven
  • A variety of sizes available 

These finely handwoven Afshar soumaks are most famous as dowry or marriage pieces and are generally  famous for the number of beautifully designed borders and intricate motifs.The 'Rah Rah' (this design name means 'road’ in Kurdish)  sumaks are considered to be one of the highest quality contempoırary sumaks on todays international markets.

Despite influences from neighboring tribal groups Afshar soumaks have maintained a sense of individuality and tradition and most new examples show an extraordinary level of weaving and design skill.

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