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Afghan Turkman Bohara design carpet

Afghan Turkman Bohara design carpet


Origin  Hand Woven by Afghan Turkomans 

Size:.94 x .50 / 2.10ft x 1.6ft )

Age New

Wool and cotton

Famous Bohara design

These carpets are known for their fine knotting and value for money .


History : The history, genealogy, beliefs and way of life of the Turkoman steppe peoples are all of great importance to their woven art.Turkoman weavings, with their distinctive red-brown palette, repeating rows of geometric 'gul'ornamentation, extremely fine major and minor borders, high knot count and strong glossy wool represent a highly complex and historically continuous culture.The study of Turkoman weavings is extensive and important especially as the various different tribes reside within a large area including  Iran Turkmeni,stan,  Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.

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